Black Hell Awaits You All

KYRPÄ | 17.09.2004 | Black Metal

From "Sodomizer of God" (2004)

Screaming in the darkness the faces distort
Voiceless, nameless things are crawling
To the inverted cross set upon the snow
Father to evil, in his praise they scream

A black hell of torment awaits us all
When you at last die you will realize
That your death was just the beginning
Forget the lies, this is your destiny

Howling in the black winds the name of death
Shapeless, unseen figures are slithering
To the upturned symbol of despised religion
Mother of all darkness, to her we scream

A black hell of torment and eternal pain
As I die I know my place is down there
I know my death was just the beginning
I forget the lies, this is my destiny

7.20   783 kuuntelua


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