Axiom of Evil

KYRPÄ | 03.06.2006 | Black Metal

Their beds are burning yeah
Their eyes are blinded by lies
Their brains are seeping yeah
Crushed to a pulp, fucking yeah

Come on!

One single truth always remains
It is not found in their scripture
It has no number, no chapter
One single line of unhindered thought

Truth cannot be hidden
From the untethered mind
Working from reality and not denial
From the axiom of Evil

Axiom of Evil, axis of Power
The gearbox of the black unholy truth
Axiom of Evil, axels of the Universe
The exhaust of a necrotic future

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Kfied 22.07.2006
Tässähän on politiikkaa (?)

Itseäni kiinnostaa enemmänkin tämä axis of pelvis mutta hyvin hoidatte hommat taas.
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Chi-Xi-Stigma 06.06.2006
Hyvällä asenteella vedettyä materiaalia. Juolahti mieleeni Bathoryn "Under the sign of black mark" julkaisu. Selkeästi ryypiskelymusiikkia.
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