Brainwashed 01.05.2012


CTV DTV FTV HTV NTV OTV YTV ZTV Brainwashed.... Rep tv Dem tv Pope Tv Dope Tv Nope Tv, Cop Tv Pop Tv Flop Tv Brainwashed

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Hardcore Punk

Shock 01.05.2012


Thunders Fulminating In My Brain Tempest Lightnings Running Through My Veins Shock,,, Now I've Got Blocked Shock, My Mind's Got Locked Shock, My Body's Got Knocked Shock! It Used To Be Peace Now It's War Things Have Changed Nothing's Like Before * Fast Furious Landing Crashing

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Hardcore Punk

Freedom 01.05.2012


Freedom To Live As I Wanna Live My Life My body My Choice Live And Let Live In Freedom Freedom Take It Do It Make It Differently Originally Personally Let's Live In Freedom

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Rhythmic Noise

I Wanna Live 01.05.2012


Hey Ho Let's Have Fun We Wanna Have Some Fun Good News Life Is Short (Can You Dig It?) Let's Go To Have Some Fun__Too Much Depression Oppression Repression Is That What They Want Too Much Repression Suppression Depression That'S What They Want__I Wanna Live Well After Years Of Hell We Need To Live Well And I Wanna Live Now * Allegro, ma non troppo, Energico, Ostinato. Sorry for bad quality rec, imagine well.

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Hardcore Punk

Warr 01.05.2012


Super Jet Fighters Guided Missiles, Soldiers All Around People On The Ground ________ Warr For Money Warr For God Warr For Oil Fight For Freedom Kill Them All Atomic Bomb Chemical Bomb Uranium Bomb Plutonium Bomb (Napalm Bomb?) Are You A Real Man, Ready To Die At Command? Warr, Door To Door, Poor Vs Poor

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Live And Let Live 01.05.2012


Because Of Someone Everybody Is Down One Can Be Enough To Disturb Everyone You're Disturbing You're Breaking The Balls You're Punching The Kids Why Don'tcha Punch Your Boss? Hey, I Wanna Live My Way, You Can Live Your Way, But She's Gotta Live Her Way Live And Let Live (Or Leave) It's So Easy To Be Silly It's More Difficult To Live And Let Live //

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Hardcore Punk

Respect 01.05.2012


No Racism No Sexism No Homophobia No Xenophobia Respect The Kids The Women The Men__ Respect The Humans The Animals The Nature! Bye Dreams...

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Play! 01.05.2012


Play This Music Everywhere In The Streets In The Squares More Energy More Liberty More Anarchy A A A Ah Yeah *Just a Joke.

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Hardcore Punk

Hot Cores 01.05.2012


Here We Are Here We Hop Live This Moment Go Don't Stop Now Are the Chances Now Are The Dances We Can Somehow Enjoy Now -That's What We Want, That's What We Need, That's How We Feel, That's How We Like: Hard Rock Hardcore Hot Rocks Hot Cores (Then One Day Sick With Pain Life Fades Away Wasn't It Invain Now Are The Chances Now Are The Dances I Don't Know How But Enjoy Now) Punk Rock Surf Rock Music Force Hot Cores

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Fuck The World 01.05.2012


Love The Earth And The Atomic Bomb Money Versus Nature What Went Wrong? F. The World Someone Wants More Ecology A better Place For Humanity Was it Just A Uthopy? Love The Earth And The Atomic Bomb Money Versus Nature What Went Wrong? F. The World Politicians To The Airspace Ready To Fly To The Space Hop The Starship Quit This Place (Escape Now The Human Race's In Disgrace) She's Even Recycling Postcards And Her Trustee's Turning The Earth Into Mars F. The World **********************************************************************************

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