Family Massacre 11.05.2012


Hot Cores, 2009.
Also on myspace, 2010

They had a happy life
until dad took the gun
shot his daughter, shot his wife
shot himself, but shot his son.
That's what the neighbours say
they went to work everyday
didn't hang around in bars
they had a mortgage and two cars.
__Family massacre/// happened again.
Daddy worked as a warden
played with the children in the garden
everything seemed to be all right
'til mom and dad had a fight.
Mommy wanted to divorce
but daddy used bigger force
took the gun and pulled the trigger
'coz being quitted would be sicker.
Family massacre/// happened again

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Take Me 11.05.2012


Take me, I really wanna meet you again
remember when we were in Italia
and we were on a spaceship.
I wanna feel you, we've gotta feel good
you drive me insane, you fulminate me!
You, long hair, long boots, expression!
You, your costume, your style, your minde.
I wanna be your cat, I wanna be your man
I wanna be with you, you're important to me
I'll treat you well.
You.. are the one that I want
You.. are the one that I need
Just come and hold me tight
life is short, let's fly high.
Take me, I really wanna meet you again
remember when we were in Finlandia
and we were on a spaceship.
You.. are...

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Hardcore Punk

Climate Catastrophe 11.05.2012


Nature crisis, climate catastrophe
oil pollution, stupid governments
What can we do?
The world is becoming crazy (hahahaha)

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