I know this Autumn by Name

Hollow Crane | 23.11.2013 | --

Plugaritestiä ja pöytälaatikon siivousta samaan aikaan. Kappale kertoo kuinka hauskaa on kun tulee talvi. Shoutout to Ammi, joka feattaa percussiopuolella hiirenklikkailulla ja haarukan kilistelyllä.

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Kappaleen sanat

I know this autumn by name,
she is the daughter of junipers' shade.
I know this autumn by name.
Frostbitten sunlight leaving this place,
still a feint summers embrace.
I know this autumn by name.

Roots couldn't let her go,
they locked inside a fortress
that desperate gallow's song
for years to erase.
In search of that winter ward
with last drops of warmth,
men have left all behind,
never to return.

Lay still and remember,
just like the vapor,
life has to run into nothingness.
And after the Fall,
make the glass lantern warm.
Never leave its light.

Hand still on the chest
her eyes fade like vapor.
All that is done should forever be.
And after the Fall
there's no place for us all ever in the light.


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