Danielle's Death


Ajattelin, että olisi kiva, jos tämän Danielle-teeman parissa vähän jatkaisi.

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Kappaleen sanat

Eyes have closed to rest under the stone.
Dawns of day won't break their sleep anymore.
I have placed a rose next to your name
and here I stand, silent, with nothing to say.
I am silent with nothing to say.

In the end we can all go pretend;
she had a wonderful life, beloveds by her side.
But on her grave I can smell her despair
shot the bullet in her head. Danielle is dead.

The dreams she had at night appeared into days-
Powerless, they moved to the contryside.
On her last morning she woke from the field
and said to the wind "Danielle wants to die."


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