Hollow Crane | 26.01.2014 | --

Häikäilemättömiä Gary Moore hetkiä luvassa.

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Stones they understand why I hide away.
Wind makes carvings on their skin.
The blossom widening, still it dies today.
I swallow the bitter lesson.

What are you?
Our fathers call the one who shapes us all,
Soul is blood, is it true,
running in our veins, Bonemaker?

Winter cries again, puts us on our knees
and drops her silvery veil.
Deep under the frozen tiers beckons the soothing soil,
folding of mothers arms.

Death could be on my side, but it's against me still.
I sail in calmer winds.
The day of rising shore, after the king lies still,
fires' take, my final will.


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