World renewed 27.02.2005


Summer night in the City when the moon is bright enough. A date in a faraway bar. You pick him up and under the lamp you... oh well, it's like the world is renewed.

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European son (on Friday) 21.03.2004


A story of a young man troubled by the summer. Restlessly coming and going. Can she make him stay? Probably not. "Get a (wild)life!" ;)

A Sunday version exists of the track, too (=more slow tempo-like). Will upload it here soon.

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Love boat (on Friday) 21.03.2004


Once I performed 3-weeks in a night club show on a cruiser. It was quite chaotic, as if sailing back and forth for weeks without any real destination. Afternoons, when the club was quiet, I sneaked in and played the black piano. And thus Love Boat started playing itself.

Two other versions exist, too:
1: On Saturday: some sliding flutes put this in between Friday, the party day, and Sunday, the day when you REALLY have to rest after a hard week, but have still decided to go out just once more ;)

2: On Sunday: an even more slow tempo version of Love Boat, with a kind of bossa nova/easy...

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