Alessio 06.02.2019

From now on, all updates can be found on!

Alessio 04.10.2018

My latest video on how to fix a #Roland #SRJV80 sound #expansionboard to avoid #explodingcapacitors: watch?v=Ficulw9OyxQ

Alessio 23.06.2018

Testing out the #25years-old #electronic #dance module #Quasimidi Quasar, whose manufacturer closed shop in 2000. #madeingermany #nineties

Alessio 25.05.2018

50 brand new cassette tapes? What for, you ask? Wait a few months and see. Thank you, ! #EP #indiemusic #analogbliss

Alessio 15.05.2018

After 30 years of #songwriting I now have my very own ISRC code. TY musiikkituottajat!

Alessio 04.10.2017

Now that\'s obsolete Flash player has been replaced by an HTML one, I will start updating all my old songs with a higher-quality version.

Alessio 31.01.2016

\"Curse Of Man\" is out!

Alessio 28.01.2016

Currently working on my next song, \"Curse Of Man\". Nailed the vocals yesterday, now arranging and mixing.

Alessio 23.01.2016

Reached #4 in the Finnish Pop charts on Either I\'m really good (not!) or then Reverbnation is not all that hot here in Finland.

Alessio 06.12.2014

Slightly corrected mix of \'Modern World\' is in the works, and after that, the next song is coming up.

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