Dynamite 01.05.2012


Gime Gimme Dynamite Because I Wanna Open This Wall. Don't You Use It Against Me (The People) But Against Some Bank__ It's All Right, Enjoy Tonight, Shine Delight, Feel Alive Feed the Light So Hot So Bright with Dynamite__ Baby You Look Like Dynamite! We Can Play With Some Dynamite. Break This Wall Between Me And You Break This Wall For A Better View__ We've Gotta Explode Against Sadness We've Gotta Act With More Happiness Gimme Dynamite Soon We're Gonna Launch a Big Booom, (we) GOt Dynamite.

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I Don't Wanna Do What I'm Told 01.05.2012


I Don't Wanna Do What I'm Told She Doesn't Wanna Do What She's Told We Just Wanna Do What We Wanna Do What We Wanna Do They Can Keep on Doing What They're Told__Am I Doing What I Really Want? Are You Doing What You Really Want? If We Just Do What We Wanna Do What We Wanna Do Will They Keep On Doing What They're Told?__ It's Always Always Always That Same Old Oh Way Nothing Seems To Change We're Ruled By Fools It's Always Always Always That Same Old Oh Way Many Days I Wanna Break Some Rules__I Just Wanna Do What I Wanna Do

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I Really Wanted You (But Now It's Too Late) 01.05.2012


You Are The One That I Want But You Don't Want Me You Are The One That I Want But You Say No You Prefered To Stay With That Other Guy He Would Beat You Up Every Night He Even Brought In A Gun And You Lost The Fight I Really Really Wanted You But Now It's Too Late

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NY Night Lights 01.05.2012


New York Nights
New York Lights
Dark And Bright
New York Night Lights
Dawn Day Light
Evening Twylight
In Depth And Height
(In Debted And High)
New York Night Lights
The Bronx
St^ten Islands
Coney Islands
Brooklyn Bridge
The Bowery
Time Squares
Central Park
Shiny Buildings
Towering Up
To The Sky
I'm Standing Here Today
Help me Find My Way
I'm Standing Here Tonight
Help Me Find Delight

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Alternative Rock

Hey You 01.05.2012


-Hello How R U--Fine, But Who R U?--Well I've Got Som News--And I've Got The Blues- -I Must Let U Know To What Sect U Must Bow (belong)- -I'm Already Feeling Low n' I've Got My Way To Go- -But Here's The Truth Just Pay And Make It Through No Science No Proof--What a Superstitious Spoof- Wait Wait We're In 2012, Still With Ghosts And Hell? Humanity Needs Some Help!--- Hey U, I'm Talking To U Baby U Say U've Got The Truth Now U Gotta Show Some Proo-- Girl Lady Girl, Let Me Into Your World We'll Spin Like A Curl, Let's Give It A Whirl Take This Big Cat Near You Soft Kitty (laugh, love)Nice To...

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Fantasy Metal

Sex Sex Sex 01.05.2012


She Smiles Like An Angel She Dresses Like A Devil We're Sinners In Seventh Heaven We're Saints In Seventh Hell Sex Sex Sex That Number One the Best Sex Se Sex With Her Is The Best Less Alienation More Imagination We Don't Need No Hell We Wanna Live Well Sex Sex Sex That Number's The Best I Want Her More Than The Rest___ Six Six Six The Number Of A Beast One Two Three I Wanna Be Free Sex Sex Sex With Her Is (Number One) The Best O-O-O-Oh

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No Money 01.05.2012


I Find No Money I Find No Job _No Money No Good School No Job, Should I Sob Or Rather Join The Angry Mob? I've Got No Money Should I Go To Rob? ...Poor, So Poor, Got No Money, _No Money...Tony Was Just Left So Poor _He Couldn't Find No Open Door He Wondered What's Life For _He Didn't Want To Live No More Prisoners Are Often Poor Big Criminals Vacation Offshore Some Depression Causes Suicide Great Depression Is Homicide

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Hard Rock

Vendetta 01.05.2012


Why Should We Keep 'em Up When They Keep Pushing Us Down We Should Rather Pull 'em Down Off The Power And Push 'em Around ....Their Cruelty Their Offence We Must Revenge Their Cowardice Their Injustice We Must Revenge: Vendetta!.... They've Got Money They've Got Power They've Got People To Devour Wasting The Lives Wasting The Nature Playing Inside Their Golden Towers__Strong With The Weak Weak With The Strong Cowardice Filthy And Wrong 1%ers Fuck The World You're Still Around You Won't Last Long

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You're A Good Way Away 01.05.2012


You Didn't Listen or You Didn't Hear You Just Kept On Talking All The Time. You Looked Embarrassed So Distant So Upper Class Then You Walked Away With That Boss Friend Of Yours- You're A Good Way Away. Even If You Were Number 1, Even If Today You Won I Wouldn't Do What You Say, I Don't Have To Behave Like You.

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