Catwoman 11.11.2011


2011 (old version lyrics) You're The 1 That I Want Come On Let's Have Fun You're My Dream A Laughing Scream You're A Vamp A Catwoman! You'll Survive You're So Alive I'll Treat You Well But You Raise A Hell Night Light Girl Femme Fatale You're A Vamp A Catwoman! You're So Sweet Nice To Meet And So Kind Rare To Find You're A Rocker And A Rebel You're A Vamp A Catwoman!
I Dream Of You On A Meteor, You're Riding That Motorbike, Going Faster Than The Wind, Zipping Thru The Town, Jumping, From roof to roof, skating on the sea, flying up to the sky

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Hard Rock

We Wanna Rock 'n' Roll 11.11.2011


now the chords are addc acd addc acdg

We Want Music Everyday We Need To Play RnR
This Is What We Wanna Do Come And Play Too RnR

We Wanna Play We Wanna Dance Yeah We Wanna RnR
We Can Move And Celebrate Yeah We Wanna RnR

I Want You Hear Me Call Come on Girl RnR
Take This Pain Away From Me Let's Be Free RnR

I Want You I Want Love And I Wanna RnR
I Wanna Rock I Wanna Roll And I Want RnR
*11.11.11. We Want Rock We Want Roll And We Wanna Rock 'n Roll Yeah!

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New York Nite Lites 11.11.2011


New York Nights
New York Lights
Dark And Bright
New York Night Lights
Dawn Day Light
Evening Twilight
In Depth And Height
(Indebted And High)
New York Night Lights
The Bronx
St^ten Islands
Coney Islands
Brooklyn Bridge
The Bowery
Time Squares
Central Park
Shiny Buildings
Towering Up
To The Sky
I'm Standing Here Today
Must Find My Way
I'm Standing Here Tonight
Wanna Find Delight
Emil Thunders' version Key B (si);
Emil Waves' version Key F (fa)

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On The Road 11.11.2011


Traveling All The Day, And All The Night Long, Resting By Some Forest, Partying In Some Town, Hitching A Ride, From Milan To London, Ready For Company, Or To Go Alone. On The Road.

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Alternative Rock

We Can Get On (LET'S PLAY) 11.11.2011


When I See You Walking On Down The Street My Heart Jumps I Can't Breathe..
__We Must Get Up Before We Go Down
Pretty Wool Hear This Whistling Wolf Let's Have Some Fun Let's Make Love..
__We Can Get On (LET'S PLAY)
....massage me, caress me, I'll treat you well, you're gonna feel so good!
Playin dancing (shaking sexing) Rocking 'n' Roll
1 - 2 - 3 - 4 Let's Get Some More Yeah We Can Get On
5 - 6 - 7 - 8 We're Getting Late Hey Let's Play...
Getting One Getting Some Oh Catwoman Let's Go Home..... Hot Stuff Good Enough to make me laugh Jump on my starship let's fly to the space

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Hardcore Punk

Wasted Talents 11.11.2011


You Can Do Something You Can Do It Very Well
But Somehow There's No Way Somehow Life's Quite A Hell
__Wasted Talents Wasted Contents, Wasted Love Wasted Life,
Wasted Nature, Wasted Future, No!
Many Good People Are Too Much Indigent
Many Bad People Are In The Government
My School Was Invain And Damaging It Did Suck
Bad Education And Repression What A Luck? (The Fuck?)

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Space Rock

Space Love 11.11.2011


Space Rock, 11.11.11.

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Hard Rock

Hell City Rockers 11.11.2011


Rockers From Around The World
Space Boys And Space Girls
We Want (More) Freedom And Delight
We Will Get It If We Unite
Just Rock !!
How's The Future Of This Town
If Humanity's Kept So Down?
For More Justice We've Got Fight
And Tonight Could Be The Night

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Las Venturas 11.11.2011


(music 2010 lyrics: 2013)
(00 19 )I wanna go... to LV //
to have fun to play poker with some girls n I wanna yell yeah!
Yo quiero ir... a LV //
a divertirme y jogar a poker con las tias y quiero criar siiiii
voglio andare a LV//
a divertirmi e giocare a poker con delle tipe e gridare siiiii
je veux aller a LV //
a m'amuser a jouer au poker avec des filles et crier ouiii
haluan mennä LV:iin //
pitämään hauskaa pelamaan pokeria tyttöjen kanssa
huutamaan joooooo

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Hard Rock

RnR All Nite Long 11.11.2011


If You Are Sad If You Feel Bad
_Just Go Move Dance And Get Up Let's Have Fun Come On!
If You Are Fed Up Try To Get Up
_You Can Start To Dance Tonight, You Can Start To Play Tonight!
Getting Up And Down Turning Around
Just Go Move Dance And Get Up Let's Have Fun Come On!
Trying Something New Good For You
You Can Start To Dance Tonight, You Can Start To Play Tonight!
__Rock 'n' Roll All Night Long/// Let's Go Let's Dance Hey!
Don't Hesitate Don't Make Me Wait
If You Are Glad Or Sad Mad Bad (...)
Trying Something New Make Me Feel Good!
RnR Alnite Long!

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