Obscured By The Fog Of Years

Cykranosh | 21.02.2005 | Black Metal

The failure of coherence is imminent
Within the core of all philosophies
The equilibrium is shattered to pieces
With each added notion of humanity

All words have become as dull swords
With the passing of obscuring years
I am the fist in the face of life
I am the conqueror in despise

Rotated symbols lose their meaning
With the passing of obscuring years
No record can remain of thoughts
Unsullied, untainted, all will perish
Even as I look into the abyss
I am speculating in the mirror

Perishable darkness, recycled thoughts
Meaningless screams from nothingness
In the deepest recesses of the mind
Only absolute chaos rules supreme
Hatred without reason, reason without thought
A journey into the heart of evil
Here as in death, no hope exists
Enter the eternal void of chaos

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