Wishful Drinking

Catarina | 06.02.2018 | Humppa
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I am bored out of my mind with everyday routines
my life is like a bad movie that I’ve already seen
it feels like I’m waiting for something that’s taking
too long nothing’s happening nothing is changing
my mind is just breaking and constantly making up
lies so I won’t go insane

When I win the lottery the world is finally mine
I’m gonna buy myself some friends and booze to last a life time
They will listen me writing songs while drowning rivers of wine
we’re gonna be completely wasted ‘til the day we die –hey!

I’ve been trying to make some money but I am always broke
I’m eating macaroni and beans and hardly use any dope
I try to save up everything that I can
but my wallet just doesn’t seem to understand
so why even care, it doesn’t seem fair when I´m
living by just breathing air

My doctor thinks I’m lying when I say that I’m depressed
he says there’s nothing wrong with me so I just hope for the best
I’m buying a lottery ticket and breaking speed limit
and feeling so wicked I’m closing my picket all entries prohibit
I’m patting my whippet so screw the world!


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Juu kivaa vaihtelua :) Enklannin kieli vähän häiritsee, toimisi ehkä paremmin suomeksi. Toisaalta miksei saksaksi, kun tämä on enemmänkin tuollainen saksalainen polkka, mukaan vielä tuubaa ja hanuria niin tämä menisi täydestä oktoberfestillä :)
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