Doom Metal

Only Shape of Destiny, part III 14.09.2011


Time is either embers or a diamond in our hands
either we consume ourselves in haste
or take things slowly and perfect the shape
either way, it burns out sometime

Horizon of life is either mountains or a flat desert
to a brave man it makes no difference,
but for a lazy man both are terrible
for the effort to go is unbearable

social situations are filled with rats or worthy ones
either you face the with pride and confidence
or you can face them unwillngly, fighting and drunk
I am a beast that still tries to choose which one

shape of our destiny is forged by many smiths

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Doom Metal

In Life Entagled 14.04.2011


Beyond what is good and evil
perceiving life as it is
eternal slumber of mind
is there life?

beyond the wall of sleep
dead aces watching me
memories, reality, dreams
in eternal collision

Nightmares are my reality
save me from this hell
so theres no heaven, no hell
and inner turmoil may fade

These make my mind
Obedient, like a slave, I am
Sleepless, yet not dreamless
Capture my heart as I'm Falling

I am weak, feeble and a fool
never a knight in shining armor
take me as I am, or go to hell
I am me, in my mortal shell, nothing more

When life turns even worse
the powers of life are your...

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