You Were Not The One

Broken Man | 29.11.2008 | Doom Metal

I Never truly loved you
I just wanted that you...
would make yourself
my craven image

worthless whore you are
just another whore you try to be
more they can handle
with disgust I put you forth

too young to understand
"love" is absolutely worthless
monogamy is not human
you too will see it someday

we live to breed for nothing
I lived that lie too
that relationships could have
a fucking meaning

but as life among humans
have thought me clearly
only procreation has value
as only, lonely, defiant I will stand

I wish I could hate you now
but against my will I must say
I still love... In fucking vain
you destroyed me... I must rebuild again

again gathering what was me
to be complete... to be destroyed
you are my doom... my human weakness
dont remember me... when I'm gone

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impious 01.12.2008
Tajutonta doomia. Rikkinäisessä miehessä on enemmän munaa kuin ehjässä. Lyriikat ei ehkä ole maailman parhaat, mutta tätä kuuntelee reilust mieluummin kuin muita vastaavia projekteja. Risa äijä, hatunnosto fiiliksestä!
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