The Lament Configuration

Broken Man | 21.10.2009 | Doom Metal
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"We have such sights to show you..."

mankind is driven by...
animalistic lust
we suppress our souls
for the fear we are caught

rise above the moral standard
become a beast you truly are
without fear travel beyond
oh, its a puzzle within you must solve

what is pain for one
is pleasure for others
what is hell for some
is heaven for others

oh, so much like a human soul
is this little puzzle box
when you open it
only horrors appear

become a being in flesh
step outside of your soul
let such lie go
let your flesh rule your life

explore the world you do not know
what do you have to lose
tear your soul apart
it's useless anyway

moral degeneration
open the portal
always desire for more
it's your nature from which you cannot hide

neverending search
for what could please you
the lament configuration
is the key to whats inside of you

"no tears please...your suffering...has just only...begun"


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