My Pyrrhic Victory

Broken Man | 02.10.2009 | Doom Metal
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I have found myself
By losing all I was
Within this victory lies defeat
My pyrrhic victory

By losing all I had
I realised all I still have
By sacrificing all I was
I found out who I truly am

After all Ive been through
I finally know my strength
After my wall was destroyed
I finally see my life clearly

I have seen the dark and the light
I have felt love and hate
Born to lose and built to last
I now know what I am, but not why I am

In order to build myself
I needed to destroy what I was
In order to defeat my demons
I had to finally see them

Will to live is finally within me
When there seems to be no reason
Man grows by experience
not by living through the years

I am finally standing
My pyrrhic victory
When I should be kneeling
My pyrrhic victory

I am finally alive
My pyrrhic victory
When I should be dead
My pyrrhic victory


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