Doomed to Die

Broken Man | 03.12.2008 | Doom Metal

When you look your life
are you satisfied now?
could you've gotten more?
the clock ticks till we all die

clock ticks, tic tac
final breath closes in
have you done all you wanted?
time has no mercy, doomed to die

are you driven insane now?
have you given any thought now?
doomed to die we are
and so is the seed we leave behind

life is worthless paradox
we live to breed heir who dies too
does anything make sense now?
when you know youre doomed to die

gaze at december moon
alone, in the forest
do you see it now?
blackest of black is now your life

in ruins of all meaning we dwell
but conqueror worm takes the day
all our joy and sadness is in vain
who will remember you and why?

why would there be forgiveness?
why one would avenge?
death reaps all that life has sown
doomed to for nothing

10.00   165 kuuntelua


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