II.7/ Just a Fragment in Time



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When I was a kid we used to go fishing when it had stopped to rain
I used to catch the sun and drop it in a turquoise blue bucket
We'd release it and catch it again until one day I wasn't doing it no more
And eventually, it all got so dark and hopelessly confused

And I felt all of my people just leaving me behind

So I followed them to nowhere, then came back and dreamed and saw the sky
Swans were flying low and bee wax boiled in a iron pot
And I think I've never felt so good in my entire life
Just watching the sky unfolding endlessly over the fields

But there were still too many lies and the delusion got clear

And slowly I lost sight of the past again, and of any real future too
Mired in hard work, arrogance, indulgence, and idle dreams
I made true friends to be sure, real people mostly all around
But there was just too much drinking and too many ways to go by

So I ended up a cripple again with just the thought of getting out

So I got back home again, and as I think of it now, the darkness began to fade, somehow
My life I found where I'd left it, on the banks, in a peculiar sun
Bending through paralysing anxiety and chronic dread of people
Through medicated bliss and first steps of spiritual awakening

So whatever ever happened I'm grateful beyond any measure
I guess the rain has stopped and it's time to go out again


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