I.4/ Warmthland



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Kappaleen sanat

step into the bus, take the ride out again
the ground is ripe and sinking into a dream
bodies shimmer behind the glass in the light
the scene is here and it lives by the rhythm of your mind

come home ye who are too weary to sin
your skin is cold, so cold you’d shiver at a touch
but sweet is the warmth inside your belly
all over the night sky, glowing in the horizon

while the candle burns, fraught with rapture
mother dreams a sweet dream of sleeping every night
stretches her arm toward the flame, to the heat
said “remember, all that burns keeps you warm”

the bonfires have been placed at even intervals
a mile apart, eleven from the forest’s edge
an inch from the heart of a failing man
spirits rise as embers against the black sky

slipped behind the waning wail of violence
held by the hand, stood by your dream of burning
humming out of reach, within reach, or out again
step into your dream, take the ride out again


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